Jennifer W- Sparta, Tn

We do business with one of the owners and she is SO kind and so delightful to deal with, I literally get excited to see her smiling face walk in our door!!! Wishing them the very best in Cookeville!!! ❤️

Lesley E – Spencer TN

The owners are some great people!


This Week’s Hours

Sunday 3/1/20 12:00am - 11:59pm*
Monday 3/2/20 11:00am-9:00pm
Tuesday 3/3/20 4:00pm - 9:00pm
Wednesday 2/26/20 Closed*
Thursday 2/27/20 Closed*
Friday 2/28/20 Closed*
Saturday 2/29/20 Closed*

*special/holiday hours

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2 weeks ago

Opening Soon! ... See MoreSee Less

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If you guys could make the video shake just a little more that would be awesome. Was the cameraman having a seizure?

Do you have the long gymnastic trampolines? Most of these look like kids sizes.

Are the nerf wars and archery an additional cost to the jump price?

My kids can not wait til this opens! Definitely a much needed thing in Cookeville and surrounding counties

Awesome use of space! Thanks for bringing this to our community. We can't wait!!

We are following and can’t wait to support this business. Cookeville has needed sometime this for a long time

Man Cookeville finally got somewhere fun to hang out. And I don't live there anymore 😔

Will they have bowling in there too with all the others stuffs and food too

Thank you for your patience as we continue to be committed to quality assurance with our inspections.

I notice that NOT once will they answer with their anticipated opening date as potential customers have asked. What's the actual hold up? I've seen multiple speculated answers, but nothing from them.

Wow I didn't realize it was much more than just trampoline park!!!!

i was looking forward to going to a friends party but you canceled it over the sprinkler system

Oh, the kids will love that...

Autumn McGraw & Amber Brooke Norman we need to take the kids one day!❤

Karlie Shaye Webb I was this and thought of Jackson. They have an archery room too

Morgan Doss, um whose birthday is coming up?? 😂

When is this place opening

Ale Nunez Young Brandon Young this would be so much fun!

Tiffany Marie Hughes Brooke Mcmillon the kids would love this!! So would I, so if you wouldn’t wanna go I’ll take them 😂

It's by planet fitness the old mall

Kathy Billingsley Smith for Teens Need Training and even the little ones in Kids Matter!

What’s the anticipated opening date?

Ashley Cook the boys would LOVE this!

I can’t wait to bring my son here

Rachel Hilliard looks like where we need to be with kids!!

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2 weeks ago

“Just wanted to give an official announcement about our opening. We are the definition of day-to-day right now. We are being told what we need to pass inspection, and everyday there seems to be something new. We are very sorry for our lack of communication through this process, and will try to be better moving forward. Our focus has been on the park opening. We are really excited for you to come and enjoy our facility and can’t wait to see you all enjoying your time here. Stayed tuned for updates” ... See MoreSee Less

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We support your commitment to bringing family entertainment to the Cookeville area and will be patient in the opening of your facility!!

I really wanted to schedule my sons birthday party here this weekend, something told me not to. After no updates or answers to questions over a week ago about opening I’m glad I made other plans. This community will support you but communication is key. I would stop the online ability to schedule parties until you a have a definitive opening date.

Thanks for taking the time to open safely for our families!

After lack of communication we have decided to just get a refund for the party we had already paid for and rescheduled 4 times. We have called every week and been told many different things. The two people that originally helped us were very nice so we completely understood things happen so at the time we decided to reschedule. Then it kept happening. After this week of waiting on a call from the corporate office who even told us we would hear back Monday and we didn’t. Then being told yesterday the inspection had already been passed and would receive a call yesterday afternoon after a meeting to reschedule for the 4th time but we didn’t. Just for us to call again today because no one has reached out to us at all we were told the next inspection won’t be done until next Thursday. We decided to just get a refund....we wish you the best of luck with opening and will bring our kids of course once it is but communication has to be better or you will have many more disappointed customers.

I have been told on multiple occasions they would be open already and was told on Tuesday when i called that they would definitely be open on Saturday at 10 am so when we signed the waiver and showed up (4 minutes late as my anxious 12 year old was repeatedly reminding me) it was very disappointing to once again see that it wasnt open... the misinformation after repeatedly double checking and having a kid get their hopes up only to be let down over and over is not the best start so hopefully this place will be worth the wait...

We have a birthday party scheduled for next Saturday. Any idea if it should be opened yet or do I need to try to find a backup place for the party . Thank you.

Making sure all the safety codes pass is the main thing! My grandkids and I will be there when you do open😀

What about birthday parties that were booked for 2/22/2020 and paid for? My mom has called corporate last weekend and was told someone would get back with her. She hasn’t received a phone call and has not been able to get in touch with anyone about a refund.

Is it going to be something for special needs individuals also or just kids

I'm so excited for yall to open. Most of all I'm excited for my kids to come get all this energy out in 1 day 🤣

You take as long as you need. I need time to warm up my back flips anyways.

We are super excited and patiently waiting😊

Any updates on opening?

Any word on this

Any word on opening Friday like you guys said?


Steven Smith Kim Smith funny we just talked about this today.

Do you know about when?

Kristopher Herald

Can’t wait!!

Jessica Karlosky Loftis

Mason N Shelby White....

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3 weeks ago

Update: We are so excited and anxious to be open, as much as our customers are! Please stay tuned to updates (via fb) in regards to an opening date!

We have many different inquires about opening dates, prices, and party reservations. In order to respond back to customers in a timely manner please call 931-854-1455 for all questions, concerns, or details regarding Sky High Sports CKV.

Thank you!
... See MoreSee Less

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I need someone to call be back. No one is picking up the phone. We already paid for a Birthday there and are hearing rumors you are not going to be open. The party is the 22nd 9312608276

Joseph Hicks I want to do the boys party here. Two types they have. One is 225$(1.5hr - 11 jumpers and free drinks) and other is 325$(2hr-drinks and pizza included). Spoke to the lady and it sounds great. Let me know what you think and maybe we can reserve it so it will be taken care of already

Opening date?

We scheduled our party for the 22nd!! Can't wait!!

Following on birthday parties. When can we start booking?

Are you guys opened yet?

Are you already scheduling birthday parties?

Is the opening date days or weeks away?

Noah Natvik

Veleka Crisler Davis

Rachel Hilliard so they will be open?

Jordan Victoria Menser have you heard of this place!

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3 weeks ago

... See MoreSee Less

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Cant wait to get more info on your Homeschool days!

Brooke Autumn Siwka

Are you open?

4 weeks ago

Hi Everyone, we are very sorry but we will not be opening today or this weekend. We promise you all we are working as hard as we can (literally around the clock) to get open. We are as excited as you are, and love all the support that we have been given. We don’t have an update on when we will open, but it’s week by week at this point. We are hoping for the end of next week, but nothing is certain. We got a lot done this week, including training of 40+ awesome employees, but a few more set backs came this week as well. Thank you all for your patience! ... See MoreSee Less

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Website and google all says they're open and we drove up here about 40 min to take my son for his birthday and doesnt look like anyone is here .. kinda upset

We understand all the boxes have to be checked before the doors open. Thank y'all for the update and we can't wait to give y'all business, alot! 🤣

So thankful that you are taking the time to open a SAFE facility that functions well for our children and families! Looking forward to supporting you soon! ❤️

Thank you for the update. Looking forward to supporting your business. Thank you for having safety as a priority.

We’re so excited for the opening! I was gonna gonna call and possibly schedule a birthday party but I am afraid if I wait I won’t get any place at all 🤔

Glad your working so hard to make a safe environment for the kiddos!! Can’t wait! ❤️

We can’t wait!! 😊 so excited. Patiently waiting - knowing that it will be worth the wait.

Good luck on getting things in order we are excited to come play!!

Cant wait🎉 good luck dotting I's and crossing T's

Thanks for update. Trying to wait for you to open to have my sons birthday party there

We are so excited! Appreciate everything you are doing.

We will be there with bells on when y'all do open! We are SO excited!

As long as you open 😍 i am very hopeful

Lindsey Loftis Breanna Davis Amy Lynette Flowers

Sara Hill

Can’t wait!!!

Tiffany Ralrick

Brad Richardson

Can't wait!!

Brooke Speigel

Patricia Smith

Can not wait until you guys open!!!!!

Star Cowan

Mykka Erney

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1 month ago

Hello CKVL and surrounding cities, we would like to update everyone on the current progress of Sky High Sports CKVL. As of today, we will not be opening on January 27th due to ensuring the completion of a new fire alarm system. We are expecting to open Friday January 31, 2020. Please stay tune for official updates via Facebook.

Thank you!
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Do what you gotta do....we would rather have a safe facility than one that opens quickly (wish another place that I shall not name would understand that and stop duct taping equipment and having exposed electrical wires)

Thanks for the update! I've got a party I need to schedule with you guys. We're so excited!

Can’t wait! 🙌🏻🤪

Thanks for the update. I know several people that have tried calling the number and ect that need information for parties

We can't wait !!! My boys love trampoline parks!!!

Already got a gift card can't wait!

Can’t wait I been driving to Knoxville to thiers and my daughter loves to jump

Are we still okay for the birthday party on the 1st?

Super excited!

Very excited! Are you still hiring?

Anthony O'Neal

Becky Kelly

Madison Letulle

Bradley Miller

Colby Shillings

Candi Holland

Cindy Frazier

Kristin Lynn Byrd Cole

So excited

Ann Deckard

Cant wait!!!

when is the hiring event??

Shannon Hood Hayes

Heather Johnston Carico

Sean Hardin

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3 months ago

... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Been saying 'soon' for too long ! Get a move on lol we anxious!

Hello, I would like to book a birthday party. I've tried to do it online and it doesn't give me the option to pick Cookeville once I click on book a party. Only gives me the Nashville location

Are you hiring?

I can’t wait I’m too excited

Will you be offering monthly passes?

What's the prices for birthday parties?

Where is the Cookeville location?

It says the 4th Monday in January 2020

Please hurry

Is it open now?

Katherine Phipps

Stephanie Moore

Angie Franklin Britt

Debra Kilpatrick

Micaha Gutierrez

How soon?

Brienna Baker

Can I already reserve for a birthday party for a date that is after you open? Sent an email but haven’t heard back

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3 months ago

Pre-opening sale!

Forecasted to open: 4th Monday of January 2020 (1/27/20)!…
... See MoreSee Less
Pre-opening sale! 

Forecasted to open: 4th Monday of January 2020 (1/27/20)!

Comment on Facebook

How much to do a birthday party?

Can a little more info be posted? Offering gift cards without listing prices makes it kind of hard to determine what amount gift card I'd even need.

It says they plan on being open by the 4th Monday in January of 2020 1/27/2020

Rachel Massengille

Lisa Isham Geer

Kayla Alred

I sent an email and haven’t heard back. Can I go ahead and book a party for a date that’s after you open?

Kelsi Carpenter

Heather Lynn Medley

Penny Ouellette

Are y'all Still planning to open next Monday??? ,😃

Liliana Ringwald

It says they plan on opening January 4th 2020

Lindsey Loftis

Brandon Due

Allison Medley Ogle

Ginger Dillon Neely

Karla Hensley

Sara 'Heist' Holloway

Amy Stone Foster

Brenda Vaughn Thomas


Russell Ford

Rob Medley

Robbye Reels Erica Miller Lindsey Tollison

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